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Sensual Slavery starring Sapphire Blue and Ashleigh Embers

Mistress Ashleigh Embers Slave Sapphire Blue fox fur femdom fetish
Ashleigh Embers fox fur domination on slave Sapphire Blue with chinchilla glove
Ashleigh Embers in silver fox fur bdsm kissing slave Sapphire Blue breast
Sapphire Blue takes a dildo from Ashleigh Embers in silver fox fur jacket

Poor slave Sapphire Blue is bound to a cross and naked except for a little bit of fox fur. Mistress Ashleigh Embers in a big silver fox fur jacket and hat is ready though and teases and torments her slave girl with her fur and paddle as subbie Sapphire wriggles helplessly. A chinchilla and sable mitten is not all she gets between her legs though - as Mistress soon has her slave girl bent over a bench for a furious fucking from her dildo. Hear Sapphire moan and howl at her mistress's deeds - but will she prove worthy of another session?

31 March 2014

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The Lady in Red starring Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue in sexy red lingerie black stockings black high heels and black fox fur
Sapphire Blue strokes her stockings in red lace and black fox fur
Sapphire Blue rubs her breast with her black fox fur stole
Sapphie Blue loves playing with her fur massage mitten

Our sexy curvy blonde vixen Sapphire Blue stars in a belated Valentine's Day scene. Gorgeous Sapphire is reclining alone, in a lacy red dress, black sheer stockings, sexy red high heels and nicely trimmed in soft black fox fur. She teases and writhes on her chaise lounge, stroking her stockings and running her fingers through the thick fur around her until she can take no more! Her red dress and matching red panties are soon moved to reveal her full breasts and moist pussy - which soon receives the loving forceful touch of her fox stole and her fur play mitten too! You'll love Sapphire - as she's loving her furs!

17 February 2014

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Wildcat Whipping starring Sapphire Blue

Dominantrix Sapphire Blue wearing wildcat fur jacket about to whip and spank you
Sapphire Blue in her dungeon wearing wildcat fur jacket with tanuki hood trim
Sapphire Blue prepares to whip you in her spotted fur coat
Sapphire Blue in wildcat fur shows off her dungeon equipment

Join furry feline Sapphire Blue in her dark dungeon. Crawling towards the sexy blonde in her black shiny high heels and striking wildcat jacket, you kneel naked before Mistress while she stares and strides around you. She may know about your fur fetish but has a wild way of bringing it out of you. Reaching for her black fox stole, she starts whipping you with it - before preparing her black leather cat-o-nine-tails for your punishment. She returns to the black fox whip for a final lashing, counting you down to your orgasm!

13 January 2014

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Surgical Stockings starring Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue in black stockings enjoys her brown mink fur coat in the hospital

Sexy Sapphire Blue is visiting her doctor for a check up on her sore ankle. Clearly, however, she has other plans for her sexy doctor and begins teasing him, revealling her tight outfit, sheer girdle and long stockinged legs and feet from under her long mink coat. Settling on to the bed to masturbate before him with fingers and mink as he wanks off too, this promises to be a hot check up to set everyone's pulse racing!

16 December 2013

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Busy Madame, Idle Maid starring Ashleigh Embers and Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue and Ashleigh Embers rub each other with silver fox fur mittens in bed

Lady Ashleigh Embers has told maid Sapphire to get her furs cleaned but Sapphire Blue can't resist slipping into the fox jackets before cleaning. What would happen if Lady Ashleigh returned to her bedroom and found her maid in her furs? And what would she do to her maid if she liked how she looked in that soft silver fox jacket? Maybe it's time for the servant to see how the elite live - and love - among a bed of soft coats and inviting fur mittens!

2 December 2013

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Friday Night Furring starring Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue is naked under her lynx fur jacket in the office

Stunning leggy young blonde Sapphire Blue is desparate for a night on the tiles after work and you get to join her. But after grabbing some drinks where better to go than back to her office, so that she can slip out of her sexy party dress wrap herself up in her thick lynx jacket wearing only her high heels underneath. What a little tease she is - and what fun she wants to have with you over her desk, reaching for her secret dildo from her desk and begging you to fuck her and cum all over her coat! Well: it is Friday night, after all!

11 November 2013

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