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Behind the Scenes with Danielle Maye

Delightful Danielle Maye welcomes you into her dressing room on the day of a shoot, shows off a couple of her skimpy outfits and teases you about the furs left in the room for a later shoot. Inbetween her other scenes for the photographer, she finds plenty of opportunity to tease herself too being an experienced fur lover by now, and a long break allows her just the time she needs to get up close and personal with them!

Full scene available in WMV and MP4 format. Released November 2013.

Length: 24mins, Filesize: 205mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

Danielle Maye chooses her fur for a night out (Abridged)

The gorgeous young Danielle Maye asks for your help in choosing a fur to wear on her night out with the girls. Which of her many fox and mink furs will go best with her hot pink satin dress? And when she slips out of it into her lingerie and starts masturbating in the sensual furs, will she ever make it out to her party at all?

Scene highlights available in both WMV and MP4 format. Released April 2012.

Length: 5mins, Filesize: 41mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

Danielle Maye frolics on her furry bed

What better to do than stay in bed wrapped up in furs - which is exactly what the delightful Danielle Maye does very intimately! She totally forgot about the toys she had ready to play with: the lynx, chinchilla and crystal fox furs were too alluring for her and she rubs and humps the furs as hard as she can in total ecstacy! She can't get enough fur!

Full scene available in both WMV and MP4 format. Released April 2012.

Length: 21mins, Filesize: 167mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

Danielle Maye inspects her fur delivery

Fashion assistant Danielle Maye is busy in her office sorting through the latest delivery of expensive fur coats as you join her to watch. She tries a few on for sie and style while in her slinky satin blouse and tight black skirt - but the fox, mink and lynx furs quickly encourage her to strip off and examine their quality more intimately!

Full scene available in either WMV or MP4 format. Released June 2011.

Length: 25mins, Filesize: 200mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

Don't Wake Mum and Dad starring Danielle Maye

Danielle Maye is a young party girl who invites you back after a night out together. Was it her seductive curves in her skimpy white dress that made you follow her home - or was it her retro blue fox jacket and hat? And what will she do with her other fox furs now that she's got you into her bedroom? Just make sure that your fun doesn't wake up her parents!

Full scene available in WMV and MP4 format. Released May 2014.

Length: 17mins, Filesize: 132mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

Double Booked Furring starring Danielle Maye

The gorgeous Danielle Maye disturbs you in your meeting room at work while you are happily browsing through fur photos. Her mink jacket, glasses and see-through blouse don't stay on for too long after she gets another couple of furs to show to you. And when her skirt comes off she settles in for a little playtime under the furs. If only more cancelled work meetings ended like this!

Full scene available in WMV and MP4 format. Released June 2014.

Length: 12mins, Filesize: 101mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

New Year, Old Habits starring Danielle Maye

Coming out of your bathroom in her skimpy bra and panties, the sweet Danielle Maye catches you with a few furs already breaking your New Year's resolution. You know what that means: Danielle gets to tease you in them one last time and then away they go! Still - it will be fun while it lasts and the foxes, ocelot and chinchilla plus her huge dildo should give you plenty of memories for the year ahead!

Full scene available in WMV and MP4 format. Released May 2014.

Length: 13mins, Filesize: 108mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

Paying For Her Pleasure starring Danielle Maye

Haughty Danielle Maye welcomes you into her Loser's Club - for the right fee, of course! It might seem like a "win" to most though, as she models some of the furs brought for her by her money slaves in her exquisite lingerie, stockings and designer heels. If you're lucky, she might allow you to play with yourself as you watch her and she might give you a special cumshot countdown!

Full scene available in WMV and MP4 format. Released May 2014.

Length: 15mins, Filesize: 119mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

Personal Relaxation: Danielle Maye's Fur Bath

Sweet Danielle Maye is in need of some quality personal time - by relaxing in a special fur bath. She strips from her casual outfit of woolen sweater and denim mini skirt before climbing into the soft furry folds and "cleansing" herself with the fox, mink, rabbit and lynx furs to hand. Some fabulous teasing and hot toy action from Danielle - you might need a bath of your own afterwards!

Full scene available in WMV and MP4 format. Released February 2014.

Length: 20mins, Filesize: 166mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

The Furring starring Danielle Maye

Our Halloween fur fetish video sees the return of the sexy Danielle Maye. Returning home, she finds a mystery DVD on the coffee table, which appears to show a strange man wearing and playing with furs. Her initial shock gives way to lust and, before long, she changes from her boots, denim shorts and rabbit jacket and grabs a few minks to relish the excitement on screen. But is she prepared for the surprise finale that awaits her as she climaxes? Are you?!

Full scene available in WMV and MP4 format. Released April 2014.

Length: 14mins, Filesize: 111mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

What are you waiting for? starring Danielle Maye

Gorgeous Danielle Maye stars in another of our playful fur bed scenes as requested by one of our members. The little tease tries her best to entice you into bed to join her - removing her silky negligee and beckoning you towards her as she snuggles up under the fur. Can you resist - and what rewards await if you succumb?!

Full scene available in WMV and MP4 format. Released December 2013.

Length: 23mins, Filesize: 197mb, Format: WMV / MP4
Price: $7.50

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